Thursday, May 25, 2017

And Three More!!!

I had five reservations today but only three cats, which always makes me disappointed.   the three come from three different locations.

This girl is from Albany now, but was found on Lochner Road, outside town, starving, possibly, probably dumped.   She is looking for a home, but is being fostered by some kind folks until that happens.

Chilkat, from Albany, being spayed today.
A tenant up at Mountain Shadows caught the bobtail boy.  I first saw him back in May of 2016, impregnating like crazy.   It's been a year and he's still out there fighting and impregnating.  But no more!  And he can't go back to the trailer park since the new rules say no outside cats.   The tenant who caught him had been feeding him and told me "find him a place".   I said "ok!"  Management is giving us time to slowly get the free roamers out one by one and its nice to have a tenant willing to trap sometimes.

Bobs has been mistaken in the park for a real bobcat.  He's really awesome and will be leaving straight from the surgery clinic to my Portland feral placement friend.
I took this photo of him in the park a couple months ago.  He's beautiful but hasn't been popular with his fighting behavior.  You can see how some folk might mistake him for a real bobcat.

Bobs awaiting neuter and a new life.
Lastly, I was after what I thought to be the only remaining cat at the mobile homes sales place, that big Lynx Point Siamese.  Instead, I caught a replica of the cat I caught last Saturday there.  This one, Mowgli, is being fixed today and will leave directly from the clinic to go to the same person who took in five others from same place.

That's it today, except HCC is paying for an Albany stray male's entropian surgery at Heartland.   This condition means the cats eyelashes brush the eye constantly, because they're turned in or their eyes have recessed, causing chronic irritation.  The surgery pulls the eyelashes out and off the eye.

A friend of a friend of mine was feeding him as an outside cat but was worried about his chronically inflamed eyes.  She got him neutered, but a vet diagnosed him with entropian.  Heartland is helping him out today.  Hopefully he can move on to a home after recovery.

But that's really it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Balls Get New Chance

Balls, the orange tabby tux, who seemed ultra feral when handed over, in a live trap, by the Mountain Shadows trailer park resident who trapped him, turned out to be very sweet.

I realized he was just scared.   And VERY VERY hungry.  He ate pretty much everything I put in the trap, and would politely ask for more.  He began to chirp and purr.  Strange behavior for an alleged feral kitty.

He is thin for his age and size.  He won't be for long now.  Now that he's neutered and wormed and has a two week lasting antibiotic injection on board for a couple of infected fight wounds.  Balls future is looking bright!

Today I handed him off to Feral Cat Awareness Team, located down near Roseburg.   He'll be fine with them.    I'm happy for Balls!

The other four cats fixed yesterday went back to their respective homes this morning.   Jade, the black short hair boy, and his relative, Ebony, the long hair girl, went back to the Albany colony.   Pappy and Bruiser returned too, to where I trapped them, and off they sauntered, a lot better off for their adventure in my garage and then at the clinic.  Both these big boys got convenia injections for fight wound infections.   They are fixed, wormed, flea treated and vaccinated too now.  So you see what I mean when I say they are better off for their short stay in my garage.

Ebony, a girl, fixed yesterday from the Albany colony, now back home.

Jade, a young boy, from the Albany colony, also fixed and now back home.
We are all reeling from another loser with a bomb incident, this time killing mainly children and young people, enjoying a concert.   I see these murderous young men as angry, selfish, destructive, lacking impulse control, followers (easily warped by others) and wanting to vent their rage and self hatred, outwardly, as if how we feel isn't our own choice and responsibility, in public murders.  They look for an excuse to justify their impulses and in some cases, that becomes fake religion.  Whatever their excuse, they're just plain losers, like the President said.  He got that right at least.

The cat lady here knows sorrow, loss and horror.  Nothing like Manchester is going through, nothing like that.  To lose young people, children, how does one recover?  How does one go on?  How does one understand why someone would target kids?  One cannot understand it.  Such people just want to kill.  They don't care who.  My heart beats sorrow with the hearts of Manchester.

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Despite all the drama of life, one must move onward or just stagnant and rot.

Caught two more at the Albany colony.   Will I ever finish there?  Hmmmm.

They get fixed Monday.

The little long hair, hiding behind the short hair, is very petite and small and probably Ruby's sister.  Ruby is the kitty who had kittens in the garage, a day after I trapped her for spay.

The woman who fed Choco, the chocolate point Siamese, who turned out to be a girl, also feeds three cats elsewhere who have to go somewhere else, since she can't feed them anymore.   One of the three is already fixed.  I caught the two who aren't fixed.  All three will move to live on a property with a friend of hers, once fixed.   I didn't expect to catch them so quickly or I would have waited until tonight.  Oh well.  Its done now and the fixed boy will have to wait, as I have no room to hold him until some of these others are fixed and go home or move on.

Bruiser, a big gray tabby, and I mean BIG!

Pappy, a loud whiney-side sometimes purring big black boy.
Pappy is quite beat up.   I'd say Bruiser gets the best of him often.

Then a Mountain Shadows trailer park tenant caught one of the fighting wild orange kitties, who won't be going back.  He'll be fixed and go to Feral Cat Awareness Team, where Atticus from same place, went.  Mountain Shadows is the trailer park in Sweet Home, full of run down trailers, drugs and drama, that a rich Portland businessman bought.  The decree is now no outside cats, so one by one, we're trying to save them.
Tenants simply call this guy Balls, which he will lose on Monday. He's actually kind of sweet.

Kata just took out two more from that trailer park.  And besides this orange boy, I have in my bathroom an orange girl from Mountain Shadows.  Mimi is tame and I got her fixed in March, but her owners don't want her now and another tenant took her in, but couldn't keep her, due to the new rules.   So she's on eye meds, and will go be checked out, tested and chipped at Heartland Monday then go into foster with Felines First Rescue's Lebanon volunteer.

Mimi is as sweet as sweet can be.

 I was back trapping at the mobile home place that wants the cats gone or else they die.   I caught one more little brown tabby tux, who will be fixed tomorrow and immediately go join her four colony relatives where they await a barn home.
I've trapped 7 cats there now and there is only one left to go.  I'll be happy when he finally goes in the trap if he ever does.

This kitty isn't very old.

I've got some free loaders in my yard.  Three of them.  They showed up at the same time and sometimes come together.  Sometimes they stay all day.   I don't know if they are owned or not.  They go after the birds I feed and even wander into my garage when I'm not in it, rumage around, as only cats can, and otherwise make themselves at home.   In other words, they've decided to live here, at least as a second home, although I'm not sure if they have homes of their own or not.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother Board Failure Imminent, So I'm Told

My computer has been acting up.   One day, no usb ports would work at all.  I could not even log into Windows.   Then suddenly one only would work.  I bought a new usb hub, thinking that was the problem, but nope.  Sometimes just suddenly they fail. Then one or two will work again.

I consulted two different computer techs.  the first said, with a smug sadness, "Your mother board is failing.  You can't fix that."   He knew I'd never be able to afford another computer, hence the sadness added in to the smug knowledge of its fate.

The second I consulted because I did not want to believe the first, said the same thing, unfortunately and added, "It probably will fail completely within two weeks."   Shit!  Do you know how much a computer costs these days?  Out of my league.  Way out.

I have a laptop someone gave me but I find it hard to use.  I can't manage that close to a screen.  It drives my brain and my eyes nuts.  I don't know why.  Can't type on that keyboard very well either.  Guess I'll have to learn.

Right now I'm off to get an external hard drive, to back everything up.  I have most of my crucial stuff on thumb drives now.  But those things break too.

I'm totally bummed.  When this computer dies, I'll lose Picassa, my beloved photo storage and manipulation site, that is now deceased, thanks to google, who dumped it for their disgusting google photos, that is just limp and lame by comparison.  AWFUL!  Then you have to pay for storage.

Those with Picassa now can keep using it, although its not updated, but you can no longer download it.  I don't think you can anyhow.

Oh brother, if its not one thing breaking its another.

Anyhow, if its true, if my mother board really is failing, there may be a vacancy in my online presence for a short time.  Which would be good for me.

UPDATE:   Whining too soon.  I can use my monitor and my old keyboard with the laptop and am getting an external hard drive and it will hold everything, like my photos and video storage.  So, I'm actually set.  I whined too soon.

But here's something to whine about then, my cooling went out, just like last year.  Probably needs recharged again.  Last year, they said there was probably a slow leak.  Well, needs recharged again, I guess, and maybe the leak needs found.  I got a pack of gum.  Will that do it?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Two More Cats Fixed. Choco in the Bathroom!

I took two more cats in to be fixed on Monday.

Whitey and Blackie!

Yeah, I gave them those names.



So, I guess you can guess who is who.

I'd seen a new arrival at the farm colony.  I watched him sneak into the shed they use for breaks and decided to set a trap in the shed and caught him within 30 minutes.  Blackie is young, loud and had already had some serious male on male fights, with a bite wound on his head, no less.  

I turned him loose at his home yesterday, with the help of one of the workers.

Whitey went home Monday evening.  He had been taken in by a tenant after he was left behind by someone else.  But he had to be fixed.

A long time acquaintance had been feeding a cat on the porch of his former owner's house for years.  Choco was long ago neutered and has the ear tip to prove it.

His owner had died, and the house just went to rot instead of selling.  I don't know why.   The woman took up feeding him after seeing him there, and has had to break him out of the house several times too, when people go in and don't notice he has run inside then leave, with him locked in the empty house.  Now my acquaintance herself has early onset Alzheimers and the cat had to go somewhere, since she can no longer feed him.  She brought him here last night.

Choco is super adorable, big and fat, raspy meow, loves to be held.  And older.  A friend of mine in Lebanon is adopting him.  Worked out so perfectly!  He'll be chipped at Heartland tomorrow, get shots updated, and then go right to his new home.
Choco finally gets a home!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Old Fart Cats

I was on my bed, sprawled flat, reading, surrounded by my family--my cats.  Tugs, a compact loving little torti, always full of mischief, was beside me.   Looking into her eyes, seeing her face a little shrunken from when I first took her away from a horrifying situation in Lebanon I called the Shovel killer Christian Neighbor colony, I realized my cats are all getting old.
Tugs in 2014

Tugs and her sister, Mums, are both over 9 years old now.

Comet, one of over 2 dozen kittens I found in one Heatherdale trailer park carport, is now 12, and no longer a hefty dominant boy.   He is as loving as ever, and still loves Miss Daisy, now 17, who smacks him down every time he tries to nose her, wanting groomed.  Still he tries to befriend her, after all these years of enduring smacks, to his overtures, across the nose.
Comet is obsessed with Miss Daisy and in 2013, he did get to sleep next to her once!
Gretal is 11 now.
I spent three days along highway 34 in November of 2006 after Gretal, whom I'd seen, walking the shoulder of Highway 34 near I5, with her brother.  They were leaning against one another for support, in a howling freezing rain and windstorm of that year, headed west.  

Later, when she experienced mouth issues, a Corvallis vet was not happy with me, when I told him to just do his job.  Because she had bad teeth and was feral, he thought she should be killed.  I said "no".   He broke off most of her teeth instead of pulling them.  She had to go to a different vet two weeks later who told me the teeth "pulled" had mostly been broken off.   Gretal then had all her teeth and the broken off roots removed.   That was years ago.  She's had a great life since then and has many friends here.  When she wants wet food, she comes and howls near me.  She's quite funny that way.  Gretal is an old lady now like me.
Brambles is over 11 years of age.

Brambles is somewhere north of 11 years of age.  He's the big surprise here.  All his life he has suffered from chronic herpes.  He has outbreaks of it sometimes, which can wear a cat down over a lifetime.  So yes, that he is still alive, is surprising.  He has so many friends here and adores kittens.  He always wants to be near any foster kittens I have.  He wants to mother them, cuddle and play with them.  But I can't let him, because of his herpes, until they are fully vaccinated.
Brambles has outlived the man who cared for him at Hate Thy Neighbor colony, so named...well, because the neighbors all hated each other on the block.  Gordon took care of the strays and there were lots on that street of nightmares, where many yards looked more like full out junkyards.  Gordon died suddenly, and a neighbor bought his property, then fenced out any remaining cats.  Brambles came here because the vet said he was going to lose one of his eyes, due to herpes, if I didn't keep him and treat him.  So I did and he's still going strong.

Those are just a few of the elderly kitties here.